BioStable Science & Engineering is committed to educating and growing the community of aortic valve repair surgeons by sharing their extensive experience with the HAART Aortic Annuloplasty Devices and how our products have expanded treatment options and simplified and standardized aortic valve repair.

Our On-line Library is a place to start raising awareness of the latest treatment options for aortic valve repair. This library provides a list of articles, videos and educational links related to the treatment of aortic valve repair.

Our HAART Physician Locator provides an ever-expanding list of physicians in your area who can provide more information. These experienced physicians have been trained with the HAART Aortic Annuloplasty Devices.

Be sure to check out the expanding list of the BioStable HAART Center of Excellence training program. We aim to partner with world class organizations and state-of-the art centers to champion expert training with the goal of simplifying and standardizing aortic valve repair. Each planned center will be able to host surgeons for didactic sessions and HAART case observation. More importantly, the peer-to-peer interaction will help further the physician learning and advance patient care.

Lastly, our HAARTbeat articles will provide insights into aortic valve repair, BioStable’s HAART Technologies and Aortic Root Restoration.