Heart valve surgeon providing patients with innovative options

Article by Ryan Trares of the Daily Journal.

“Chris Pagano faced surgery to fix a leaking aortic valve in early January. The New Whiteland resident had blood pumping back into his heart, putting him at risk for heart failure. Though he had confidence in his surgical team, he couldn’t help but consider what would happen to his wife Kari and 8-year-old daughter, Kinley, if the procedure went poorly.”

“Pagano was the patient of Dr. Marc Gerdisch, chief of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery and co-director of the Heart Valve Center at Franciscan Health Indianapolis. Through Gerdisch’s leadership, the heart center has become one of the most innovative in the world, proving to be on the forefront of new ways to repair damaged heart valves to ensure patients have longer and healthier lives.”

“Most recently, Gerdisch was chosen to be part of a national clinical trial, becoming the first surgeon to regrow damaged tricuspid valves, which prevents the backflow of blood from different chambers of the heart. The device uses extracellular matrix as a support, which enables patients’ own cells to infiltrate the structure of the tricuspid valve. Over time, naturally growing cells remodel to become a fully functioning valve.”

“Gerdisch has been pleased that not only has the surgery been so successful, but that patients such as Pagano are empowered with another option to improve their health.”

“‘It’s really kind of a beautiful thing, because now we can provide on a regular basis some of these options that carry considerably less risk for them, no matter how it fits into their long-term outcomes, and redefines the way we manage those valves, especially in young people,’ Gerdisch said.”

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