aortic valve repair

Expanding Aortic Valve Repair

One approach for the many forms of Aortic Insufficiency

The HAART Aortic Annuloplasty Devices are designed to simplify aortic valve repair and expand the role of aortic valve repair. With its internal, subvalvular implantation, the HAART Devices provide a standardized valve repair technique that is applicable to most valve anatomies and mechanisms of aortic insufficiency. The HAART Devices are designed to:

  • reduce & prevent annular dilatation
  • restore three-dimensional annular geometry
  • serve as a framework to guide leaflet repair[1]


Trileaflet Aortic Valves

Restoring the normal 3D aortic root geometry without a total root replacement


Bicuspid Aortic Valves

Symplified symmetric valve reconstuction for bicuspid aortic valve disease

Simple & Standardized Annuloplasty Technique

Sizing – Innovative & Accurate

Determined from leaflet free-edge length to ensure good coaptation

Device Placement

Post & Looping sutures to ensure stable device to annulus fixation

Accurate Leaflet Based Sizing

Leaflet free-edge measurements determine the normal annular dimension for improved leaflet coaptation

No Deep Root Dissection

Save time and avoid the deep root dissection and coronary reimplantation when not indicated

Standardized Leaflet Repairs

Devices recruit the leaflets towards the midline and provide a stable base for reproducible leaflet reconstruction

See how the HAART Devices are simplifying repair & their broad range of applications


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  1. Crooke PS, et al. Design Characteristics of a Three-Dimensional Geometric Aortic Valve Annuloplasty Ring. Innovations 2013;8:364-370.