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HAART Academy - Introduction - Trileaflet & Bicuspid

Aortic Valve Repair – Design, Application & Benefits of HAART

Rankin, JS; Downey, R; Levack, M; Gerdisch, M

Tags: Bicuspid AV, HAART Academy, Root Aneurysm, Selective Sinus Replacement

Device: HAART 200, HAART 300

HAART Academy: BAV & Aneurysm Repair

Aortic Valve Repair – Four Cases: Type 1, Type 0, Dilated Ross Root & Anomalous Coronaries

Trento, A; Blossom, G; Kupferschmid, J; Takayama, H.

Tags: Aneurysm, Bicuspid AV, Dilated Ross Root, HAART Academy, Root Aneurysm

Device: HAART 200

HAART Academy: Management of Retracted Noduli

Aortic Valve Repair and Nodular Release & Ultrasonic Debridement

J. M. Smith, R. Voeller, C. Burke, J. Kupferschmid

Tags: Aneurysm, Ascending Aneurysm, Contracted Noduli, HAART Academy, Ultrasonic Debridement

Device: HAART 200, HAART 300

Selective Sinus Replacement

Aortic Valve Repair and Selective Sinus Remodeling for Aortic Root Aneurysm

R. Downey, S Weaver, JS Rankin, V Badhwar

Tags: Aneurysm, Selective Sinus Replacement

Device: HAART 300

Isolated Leaflet Prolapse

Aortic Valve Repair Using A Geometric Annuloplasty Ring

D. Mazzetelli, C. Nobauer, JS Rankin, A. Opitz, C. Schreiber, R. Lange

Tags: Isolated Prolapse

Device: HAART 300

Failed Yacoub Procedure

Bicuspid Ring Annuloplasty and Leaflet Re-Repair after Failed Bicuspid Valve Repair and Aortic Root Remodeling

Domenico Mazzitelli MD, Klinikum Bogenhausen, Munich, Germany

Tags: Aneurysm, Bicuspid AV, Re-Repair

Device: HAART 200

HAART Academy: BAV Repair - Intermediate Type

Challenges with “Intermediate” Type Bicuspid Aortic Valve Repair

JS Rankin, S. Vester, M. Gerdisch

Tags: Bicuspid AV, HAART Academy, Isolated AI, Root Aneurysm

Device: HAART 200, HAART 300

Traumatic Commissural Rupture

Complex Aortic Valve Reconstruction for Full Commissural Rupture with Separated Leaflets

C Stamm

Tags: Commissural Rupture

Device: HAART 300

Multiple Valve Disease Double Repair (Marfan)

Double Valve Repair for Marfan Aortic Root Aneurysm and Bi-Leaflet (Barlow’s) Mitral Valve Prolapse

G. Stavridis

Tags: Aneurysm, Marfan, Multiple Valve, Selective Sinus Replacement

Device: HAART 300

HAART Academy: Advanced Leaflet Repair

Four Cases: Isolated Prolapse, Contracted Noduli, Commissural Rupture, Fenestrations

T. Kaneko, R. Downey, J. Baker, K. Plestis

Tags: Calcification, Commissural Rupture, Contracted Noduli, Fenestrations, HAART Academy, Isolated AI, Isolated Prolapse, Ultrasonic Debridement

Device: HAART 300

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