National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day

National Heart Valve Awareness Day - The goal of the annual awareness day on February 22 is to increase recognition of the specific risks and symptoms of heart valve disease, improve detection and treatment, and ultimately save lives. While heart valve disease can be can be disabling and deadly, available treatments can save lives, making education and awareness particularly important.

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Article: Early results for HAART 200 and HAART 300 Aortic Annuloplasty Devices

ADVERTORIAL Early results for HAART 200 and HAART 300 Aortic Annuloplasty Devices are encouraging - The Duke Children’s Pediatric & Congenital Heart Center (Duke University Medical Center, Durham, USA) treats the entire spectrum of patients with complex congenital heart disease. In this article, Cardiovascular News focuses on how the centre manages patients with congenital aortic valve disease—specifically, their use of the HAART 200 and HAART 300 (both BioStable) internal aortic valve annuloplasty rings.

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Article: Surgeon First in Illinois to Repair Aortic Valve

Article provided by Northwestern Medicine. Northwestern Memorial Hospital surgeon first in Illinois to repair aortic valve. "Repairing a valve is always better than replacing a valve, and until now we have never had an aortic annuloplasty device for repair ’ said Dr. Malaisrie, ‘There’s a bright future for aortic valve repair, and this device [HAART 300 Annuloplasty Device] provides another opportunity for us to do so with better and longer-lasting repairs.’ …”

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Article: Heart procedure performed first time in Florida

Article posted on the Ormond Beach Observer about a new procedure to repair the aortic valve in the heart has been done for the first time in Florida by Dr. Holt. "Rather than replace the aortic valve, a ring, called a HAART 300 Aortic Annuloplasty Device, is installed to support the valve opening. ... It’s always better if you can save a person’s tissues."

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