Article: Aortic valve repair for tri-leaflet aortic insufficiency

Aortic valve repair for tri-leaflet aortic insufficiency associated with asymmetric aortic root aneurysms Article from Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery (Submitted Jan 26, 2019. Accepted for publication Apr 24, 2019.) Stavridis GT, Downey RS, Gerdisch MW, Hughes GC, Jasinski MJ, Rankin JS, Mazzitelli D, Aicher D, Fischlein T, Choi YH, Weber A, Friedrich I, Glauber M, Pfeiffer S, Miceli A, Si MS, Klokocovnik T, Wei LM, Deja MA, Badhwar V. Aortic valve repair for tri-leaflet aortic [...]

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HAART Aortic Valve Repair Technologies

The HAART Aortic Annuloplasty Device reduces annular dilatation and recreates normal leaflet coaptation geometry through internal geometric ring annuloplasty. This new capability greatly expands the variety of treatable pathologies that cause aortic insufficiency.

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Resource: Aortic Valve Repair

Resource articles and videos on Aortic Valve Repair by Dr. Joseph Turek, Dr. Scott Rankin, Dr. Lawrence Wei and Dr. Vinay Badhwar. These articles and videos discuss the advantages and newest innovations in aortic valve repair surgery for patients with aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitation.

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